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We’ll keep your visitors and exhibitors safe at every stage of the event.

The last thing event organisers want to worry about at any stage of their event is safety, which is why Dime Events provides complete peace of mind, from concept to completion.

Our services generally fall into three distinct areas.

Recommended Venues

Every venue has their own requirements and peculiarities, and we’ve worked at some of the largest and most prestigious for many years, so we know them inside out.

Let our experience of all types of venues, all around the country, help your event run smoothly.

Recent Clients

Recent Clients

Our understanding of the event industry enables us to form lasting and successful partnerships with our clients.

Some of our recent clients include;

The Labour Party
On Show Events
The Royal Microscopical Society
Warwick Event Services
RSH Events and Ocean Media Group
BIBA Medical
Oliver Kinross
Prysm Media Group

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Pre-Operational Support

Our pre-operational support services include;
telephone consultancy, site surveys, health & safety auditing and checking stand plans. 

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Risk Assessment

Our event and fire risk assessments, are individually tailored to the requirements of each event by NEBOSH qualified health & safety officers.  

Our experience at leading venues all over the UK, helps to ensure that potential problems don’t become actual problems.

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CDM Site Induction

Construction, design and management regulations have applied to the event industry since 2015.

We ensure your event complies with all relevant sections by liaising with the venue and communicating emergency procedures to all contractors, as well as other staff on site.

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Exhibitor and Client Liaison

We’re available to event organisers pre, during and post event, offering help and advice.

We also deal with exhibitor queries before the event, as well as on site, and make sure that all relevant documentation has been collated and approved.

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On-site Health & Safety

Our NEBOSH qualified health & safety officers work hard to prevent any health or safety issues occurring.

And in the unlikely event of an incident happening, they are on hand to respond to and accurately report it.  

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Floor Managers

Our IOSH certificated floor managers coordinate health & safety between organisers, venue, contractors and exhibitors to maintain a safe working environment.

They monitor the event floor for hazards and unsafe working conditions, and deal with all health and safety incidents.

Contractor and Venue Liaison small image 1 Contractor and Venue Liaison small image 2 Contractor and Venue Liaison small image 3

Contractor and Venue Liaison

Our our industry knowledge and experience of dealing with all types of live events and shows, ensures the seamless coordination between the venue and all the other services that have been contracted by the organiser.

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Break Down

Exhibitors are always keen to break down their stands as soon as possible, but it’s our job to make sure that the CDM regulations are followed to keep both exhibitors and contractors safe.

We also see to it that the halls are cleared within the tenancy time frame.

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Wash Up

After every successful event there are always lessons that can be learned, that is why the debrief and wash up notes are so important.

We’re always happy to make recommendations and can provide ongoing consultation for future shows.

  • “On Show Events has been using Dime for exhibitions, conferences and outdoor events for 15 years.  They have wide experience and the ability to deal with unexpected situations with calm and effective efficiency.  We would recommend them to other event organisers for all their Health & Safety requirements.” 

    Tom Spencer, Director
    On Show Events

  • “Phil is a pleasure to work with, and nothing is too much trouble!  He is always professional, courteous and responsive, and gives excellent advice, and we’re looking forward to working with him again soon.”

    Allison Winton,
    Chief Executive
    The Royal Microscopical Society

  • “Just a quick email after CS Live Manchester to say that you for all of your support with the exhibition side of things, and Mitch to say what a pleasure it was to work with you on site. Phil, as I mentioned to Mitch it was the first time I had worked with an external staff member for H&S on site, but it was a great help in communicating with the client & venue, and keep everyone involved on the same page.”

    Sophie Brookes
    National Accounts Manager
    Warwick Event Services

  • “I have always experienced an excellent service in all aspects of our health and safety requirements.  All members of staff are very efficient, knowledgeable and up to date with all health and safety practices. Very professional onsite and have earnt the respect of all contractors.” 

    Rachel Hall
    Operations Director
    RSH Events and Ocean Media Group

  • “Dime Events are an extremely knowledgeable team.  By using them to look after the health & safety and pre-event planning, I found that I was free to concentrate on other aspects of the event.  On site, similarly, I was able to concentrate on looking after the exhibitors and oversee the smooth running whilst Dime worried about the nitty gritty of fire and safety inspections as well as ensuring that contractors, especially those from overseas, followed the rules of the venue.”

    Chris Timmins
    Operations Director
    BIBA Medical

  • “I have worked with Dime Events and Mitchell Wilk for a number of years now and couldn't be happier with the service as they go above and beyond their duty at every stage. We will welcome them to any show!” 

    Michael Thornton
    Operations Manager
    Oliver Kinross

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Contact Us

To see how we can help you with any aspect of your event contact

Phil Fellows, Managing Director on Tel +44 (0)1799 281 400

Mobile +44 (0)7967 719 120 or email